Book release celebration Saturday, Nov. 30 at Ivywild School

Colorado Springs, Colo.. – Nov. 27, 2013 - BrewDogs of Colorado is excited to announce the release of their second book at the Ivywild School in Bristol Brewing Wildcat room. The book release will take place at 4pm, this Saturday Nov. 30, 2013.

“To create another BrewDogs of Colorado book is very exciting and emotionally rewarding,” said co-editor Brian Bennett. “I’m very passionate about local craft beer and have an even deeper passion for my dog. The original book raised awareness of Colorado craft beer and rescue dog organization. The BrewDogs of Colorado II really helps connect the dots between craft beer and dog rescue Missions, most of the dogs in book II are rescue dogs that have been saved from an abusive or a neglect situation. BrewDogs of Colorado II features 63 dogs from 36 Colorado Breweries!”

The Book release festivities on Nov. 30 will be hosted at Bristol Brewing Co located in the Ivywild School. Enjoy a local craft beer, or purchase a baked goodie from the Old School Bakery, or a mixed drink or locally made coffees from the Principals Office. Check out the new bike shop Bicycle Experience. We will have a bundle option available for this release, which includes The Original Book and Book II.

Brian finished book II as a family affair. This project wouldn’t have been possible without the help of his wife Becky, photo and text editor along with daughters Kristen Olsen, Photographer, and Lauren Olsen scheduling manager. In 2009 when The Original Book was released, Colorado only offered 100 local craft beer breweries. At the start of this project almost 200 breweries were available to participate in this project. It is evident Coloradoans love and support Colorado craft beer. After many brewery interviews and site visits, another discovery became abundantly clear, breweries and brew masters love their dogs. The emotional bond between them and their animal companions was riveting.

For more information and/or to interview Brian or Becky Bennett, please contact Stephanie Leclerc, Elevation Events & Strategies at 719-331-7057 or