From the Greater Southwest Beer-Tasting Society, thanks to Banjo for the article below by Brooks
for the CC Times on the sour beer, among whose brewers is included New Belgium. Another feature, more common according to my two sons who recently gave me a NB assortment to celebrate my birthday, is "nuttiness," one I haven't yet identified as their palate is far more sophisticated than my 83-year-old gullet

Given the opportunity, a miscellanelus comment or two: Recently on a 3-tasting afternoon I started with 2-degree Below ale, which I found absolutely delightful, reminding me much of an assertive lager. But technically if it's finished at that temp, isn't it really a lager

The label appears to read, 2 BELOW 'cause you have to really search for the "degree" mark

The next, Fat Tire Amber Ale, proved a disappointment in accordance with my boys who assure me it's terrible, flavorless. Giving NB the B of the D, maybe, thought I, it's simply "subtle." Maybe that first tasting had dulled my buds

Yet the final selection, Rampant Imperial India Pale Ale, proved Belgie's reprieve, a real winner. I think you'll love it as I do but let's hear from you guys

Many thanks from, Recording Secretary of the GSBTS

…and apparently don't care who knows it