10 a.m. - 8 p.m. Saturday, Breakside Tasting Room, 5821 SE International Way, Milwaukie;

They made it! The Breaikside brewers vowed to make 100 different beers this year and they hit the century mark with Beer #100: Safe Word Triple IPA. Here's the brewery's descrption:

a hop monster that pushes you to the edge of your comfort zone how do you end a year in which you've made 100 different beers? our brewmaster and director of brewing operations decided that there was only one beer that could serve as our final release in 2013: a hoppy behemoth that used over 7 pounds of hops per barrel of beer, got two separate dry hop additions, and clocks in at over 11percent alcohol. this triple IPA is not for vanilla types. you need to have a deeply masochistic streak to desire this much hoppiness in your beer. it is a bruising, tongue-scraping, agressive beer with more punch than anything we've ever made. we've found pleasure through pain; we hope you do too.

11.1 percent ABV/140 IBU

Plus, they'll have three new limited edition barrel-aged beers on sale in bottles:

Aquavit Barrel-Aged Braggot

Honey ale aged for eight months in a Krogstad Aquavit barrel with strong notes of anise and caraway, restrained oak and a rounded finish. a unique, golden barrel-aged beer. 10.2 percent ABV

Bourbon Woody

A blend of two beers: 80percent English old ale aged in Bourbon barrels for seven months and 20percent freshly brewed English strong ale. the result is a complex strong beer with strong bourbon notes, a firm body, and a bright effervescence. 10 percent ABV

Beaujolais avec Brett

In celebration of the release of the 2013 Beaujolais Nouveau, Breakside's tribute to the Gamay grape --- a strong sour ale fermented with wild yeast and bacteria that pours a beautiful violet color, bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces for added complexity.

Other new beers on tap include Hop Burst IPA, Saison Fleurs and Noble Belgian Blonde