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Thread: Cider down the road

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    Cider down the road

    So 1 year 6 months ago I laid down some cider that I'd frozen and then decanted (fractal distillation) into what is now essentially Applejack. It's a thick, cider-y drink that I've estimated between 30 and 35% ABV. When I first pulled the alcohol from the ice it was HOT. The alcohol harshness really smacked me in the face. But a couple of days ago on Christmas Eve I cracked into one of my few bottles (1 750 ml and 5 12 oz bottles) and found that it had smoothed out considerably. It's still not velvety smooth, but I'm not sure it ever will be.

    Things I liked:

    The applejack had a wonderful warming sensation on the way down. It retained some of it's cider tartness, and a good amount of apple flavor. There are subtle complexities from the brown sugar that was added when it was brewed.


    It's isn't and probably wont be smooth as say a good spiced rum.

    With this in mind, I wanted to see if anyone had any good suggestions for smoothing out the remaining bottles OR steps I could take with future batches to make a really smooth brew at the end. Perhaps aging on some kind of wood chips? Any spices you think might really round out the flavor? I'm definitely gonna hang onto my remaining bottles and imbibe on say 1 every Christmas from now until it runs out (and take copious notes!). Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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