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Thread: New Year's Beer Resolutions

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    New Year's Beer Resolutions

    Its the start of a new year, which means many of us are thinking about resolutions. Here are some craft beer resolutions worth keeping! Cheers!

    10. Bring craft beer to a housewarming or dinner party.

    9. Get out of your beer comfort-zone Weve all got our favorite beer that we fall back on. Make 2014 the year that you push your beer boundaries.

    8. Introduce someone to craft beer.

    7. Try at least one new craft beer a month.

    6. Host or attend a beer tasting.

    5. Cook with craft beer! Did you see the cooking with beer article in Fox Cities Magazine? Our Stout Cupcake is a featured recipe there:

    4. Learn more about your favorite beverage; read a book on beer or brewing.

    3. Attend a beer festival. Find a list of Wisconsin beer festivals here:


    2. Plan a side-trip to a brewery on your next vacation.

    1. Most importantly, spend more time drinking good beer with good friends

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    That is a great list.
    Olgethorpe is screening me!

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