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Thread: Oh Hevelius, Boss

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    Oh Hevelius, Boss

    Hevelius Caper and Boss Beer, two Poland lagers recently gifted by my two sons and a family friend as most welcome birthday/Xmas gifts owing to the increasing shortage of lagers out here in Cal's Mojave Desert

    Struck me as incredibly tasty (Boss esp well named) but sometimes I wonder whether it's because so often that first beer of the evening always tastes better than anything following

    (I should explain many kinds of brew still available out here but growth of the market favors of ales etc at our friendly local supermarket)

    Any remarks on Polish brews, esp the lager, welcome

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    I can honestly say I've never had any Polish beer, even while traveling in Europe. But if I run across these I'll give them a try
    It's always time for a beer

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    Thanks Corky, be sure to report back

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