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Thread: Breweries in and around Orlando FL

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    Breweries in and around Orlando FL

    My wife and I will be traveling to Orlando FL in August of 2014. I wanted to visit some craft breweries while I was there.

    When we went a couple years ago, the only brewery I could find was Orlando Brewing. Is that really the only one?

    Thanks for any info.
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    In Orlando proper I think it is (unless you consider places like BJ's worthy of visiting...). There is Hourglass Brewery which is about 15 miles north of downtown. They usually have a few of their own on tap and then 8 or 9 fairly decent taps available. Theres also Mount Dora Brewing about 20 miles west. Never been there so cant vouch for the beer. If you want a good beer in Orlando there are some decent bars and pubs you can go to. The Tap and Grind is pretty good. As is Redlight Redlight, World of Beer, Oblivian Tap Room and Orlando House of Beer. Cask and Larder is one of the best restaurants in town that also happens to brew their own beer. Its more about the food though and the food is delicious...
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