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Thread: Ipa's: Why i hate something you probably love

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    Ipa's: Why i hate something you probably love

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    IPAs disgust me.

    Iíve never told anyone this before, for fear of being set upon by homebrewers, hopheads, and frat bros thatíve been totally numbed to reason by high-ABV swill. But I feel like I can trust you -- yes, you -- with my secret: At the merest hint of an India pale ale, Iím overcome with loathing so severe, itís all I can do to resist smashing every tinted longneck in sight. Iím a wretched imposter, doomed to silently endure the worldís heinous praise for this ďonce and futureĒ craft beer king, or else be laughed out of the liquor store. Heavy is the head that has a mouth that hates the brownÖ beer.

    Why canít I just enjoy it? Why does every single IPA make my gut bubble like a Jacuzzi full of soup? Every cicerone is my mortal enemy, every bar with rotating taps, my hop-hell. Oh, you disagree? Pound sand/shred me in the comments, because the reasons for my IPA hatred are completely unassailable: Read More Here

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    I won't chastise. Everyone likes what they like. My question is "Why?" I read your article and there were a lot of analogies such as 'Bubble like a jacuzzi full of soup'.

    Does that mean that you just aren't willing try them and you just turn your nose up? Such as when you look at someone you don't like and say, "You make me sick"?
    Does it mean you literally are physically ill after drinking them? Such as many lactose-intollerant people are after drinking milk. This I can understand more than the other.

    One question… Are you a bud drinker? Because everything in that article screamed Bub/Miller/Coors worshiper. If that is the case then we just need to give up on you.

    But if you are a craft beer drinker who has been through the spectrum of styles and settled in on the ones you like then you have nothing to apologize for.

    I, personally, absolutely HATE 'Saison' 'Hefeweissen' and 'Wit Beer'. And in a related statement, I don't necessarily dislike Lager, Kolsch, and similar beers, but I find nearly all them completely tasteless. They offer nothing to the senses. So, with the rare exception, I usually just don't even bother.

    However, with all of these styles, I will occasionally try one here and there just to see if my tastes have changed. Or, after hearing a review of a specific beer, I will try it to see if it's just another in a long line of same old, same old, or something that truly is something different.

    Personally, my two favorite styles are IPA and Stout. All variations of each. Especially Double and Imperials. I always have these two beers on tap in my kegerator. Then bottle various others.

    Price Point:
    You can buy a great IPA for a great price. For example, Sierra Nevada: Torpedo Extra IPA will only run you $7.50 at most beer and wine store. That's pretty good considering a 6 pack of Bud will run you around $6.50.
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    You get no taste from any lager? Thats amazing to me. There are so many REALLY flavorful lagers out there. So you get nothing from Bocks? Dopplebocks? Marzens? Dunkels? Crazy hopped Pilsners like Jever? Nothing??

    As for the guy in the article, I think some of his approach was purposefully tongue in cheek but on the other hand the way he describes it it sounds like he may have an allergy to hops.
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    I know quite a few people who don't care for IPA's. Personally, I love them and the bitterness. Too bitter and I don't care for them. As much as IPA is probably my favorite session beer, IIPA's are my least favorite of ALL the styles I've been lucky enough to try. They are just way too bitter for me.
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