I've repeatedly observed that some of the best brews come with the ugliest labels, even sometimes in a can. So on behalf of the Greater Southwest Beer-Tasting Society, as its Recording Secretary, in response to an inquiry from one of my sons of acclaimed-palate I submit herewith:

Recalling your inquiry about any possible new brews, you might try some time Bikini Blonde Lager from Maui Brewing Co, in the can. "Cans eliminate light damage and reduce the risk of oxidation….Cans are lighter, chill quicker, and can be enjoyed on beaches……Aluminum is the most….eco-friendly….Please Recycle…."

"Bikini Blonde is a fresh handcraft to Helles Lager….finest German hops….Bold, Smooth…..Brewed with Aloha…."

Topped off with "World Beer Cup Silver Award, 2008 winner - Cellar or Unfiltered Beer" But what's Aloha?

I was astounded to find--at least as first brew of the eve--that it was pretty good. Please do try it and let us know what you think