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Thread: Expected OG way off

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    Expected OG way off

    Never had this problem before. Wheat beer, expected OG was 1.050. Actual was 1.040 on a 10 gal batch. The only thing I did differently was I missed my strike temp of 153 by quite a bit, on the cool side. I added an additional 2 gallons off nearly boiling water to get up to temp. Your thoughts?

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    I almost always mash below 150F. I've been getting really low OG readings, and I've been wondering if it's the lower temperature mashes. Intuitively it makes sense that a lower temperature means slower reactions. But I have trouble believing that the temperature difference between 154 and 145 (for example) would create a very visible difference in OG.

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    It's possible that your mill has gapped wider over time or it took a hit and the rollers opened up slightly.
    See if tightening the crush just a tiny bit helps.

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