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    Ranger IPA

    Thanks to a recent visit by No. 1 Son and family I might now have tasted my latest favorite beverage, New Belgium Ranger IPA, an aromatic treat thanks probably to its choice of Simcoe, Cascade, and Chinook hops

    But mainly, owing to an uneducated palate I'm hoping you might characterize its flavor; something more revealing than the usual "hoppy" or "citrusy" In one review it's described as a "dry tongue shot." What on earth

    And indeed, upon what else besides the choice and fraction of hops might its magnificence rely

    Thanks for any response

    Edited to add that owing to my advanced age and incipient Alz's I had forgotten that our organization, the Greater Southwest Beer-Tasting Society, had tasted this brew many times and given it high scores. On the basis of a nonlinear scoring system where 3.0 = satisfactory, 5.0 = excellent, and 10.0 = impossibly wonderful,

    Ranger IPA, Co 4.6/5.0; 3.9/5.4; 5.0/5.0; 4.7/6.7; 4.8/7.0; 4.1/4. 6; 7.9/5.5; 6.5/7.8; 7.8/5.3; 5.8/7.7

    Incidentally anyone interested in other GSBTS scorings or who might wish to join, should contact me as
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