Our testers weren’t hoppy about Lollyphile’s surprisingly sweet stout, IPA and lager-flavored suckers, which they agreed don’t taste like beer.

The Daily News Taste Kitchen sampled Lollyphile’s lager, stout and IPA lollipops, and they caused something of a brewhaha in the newsroom.
What a buzzkill.
Lollyphile, a San Francisco-born, Austin-raised candy company, captured the media's attention when it added a vegan breast milk-flavored sucker to its already eclectic catalog over the summer.
Wine, cocktail and spirits-flavored lollipops are among the company’s other offbeat, creative candies.
But Lollyphile recently raised the bar by releasing a trio of alcohol-free beer-flavored lollies.
“People have been asking us to make beer lollipops for years,” owner Jason Darling said when the candies came out. “Every time we tried one out, though, it felt too generic. So we decided to specialize, and lager, stout and IPA felt like a good three to start with.”
The Daily News Taste Kitchen had to put these beer-flavored candies to the test, so we drafted some brewski-loving Newsers to try out the lollipops.
Our testers didn’t candy-coat it — they thought the brew-flavored lollipops fell flat.
The biggest complaint was that the suckers barely tasted like beer. They were much sweeter than expected, which we probably should have anticipated since, first and foremost, they are candy products.

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The stout “smells like a frat bar with cheap beer spilt all over the floor. It tastes like a cross between cream soda and sweet tea,” one unhoppy taster said. “The only buzz I'm getting here is an angry one.”
One tester said the stout did have “some malty notes, but it mostly tastes like sugar.”
“I'd rather sip than suck my beer any day! This tastes like something preteens would be giddy about,” another remarked about the IPA flavor.
The lager was also described as a saccharine disappointment.
“The sickly sweet concoction was anything but refreshing,” a tester said.
We did sample the wasabi ginger and Sriracha bacon varieties as well. These lollipops did leave our taste buds tingling.
One tester said the bright red, sweet-and-spicy Sriracha bacon lolly “tastes like the confectionary lovechild of Satan and Domino Sugar.”

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