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Thread: What's Skinny Dip

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    What's Skinny Dip

    It calls itself a "beer" but it turns out to be an ale,

    ...though not judging by its flavor. I for one would have guessed a lager or pilsner

    "…full bodied beer that's designed for the summer dress code…a splash of kaffir lime leaf…." Pretty good, I think. How do you like it, and would you have pegged it as an ale

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    I haven't tasted or seen it, but have quite a few other New Belgium beers and like them. According to the link you shared, it is a lager. FYI, all ale is beer. "Beer" is either an Ale, Lager or Hybrid of the two.
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    Thanks Mike, yes, New Belgium does good work

    However in spite of its lager yeast its maker calls Skinny Dip an ale

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