Lighter side of branding | A different perspective on beer bottles

I honestly don’t know whether this print ad for Romanian Beer Ursus (Bear in Latin) is real or it’s the work of a blogger who just flipped the green beer bottles upside down and gave us this comic relief. Ursus which is part of the brewery giant SABMiller is Romania’s largest brewery group producing multiple beer brands.

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Regardless, it’s just fun to include it. And it’s the light-hearted stuff that helps keep social media alive and well. Because the internet can be one crazy and wacky digital playground! And you just never know what you might find.

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This actually reminds me of the “Upside Down World” post series I wrote a while back when I found a few bloggers who were into logos and brand identity like myself, but who specialized in viewing them upside down to see the results. The one I remember vividly is the Dodge Viper logo, which resembled Daffy Duck when turned upside down (see below).

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