The Spirited Side of Rogue Nation
by Charissa Black-Mckay & Terry Mckay
If you’ve been around the Oregon beer circuit you’ve likely tasted Rogue Ales, and while the 25 year history of Rogue brewing still overshadows it’s much younger sibling, the now 10 year old distillery, things are changing and little sister is growing up fast. Rogue recently took home Distiller of the Year at the 2013 World Beverage Competition in Geneva, Switzerland; no small feat considering it is the largest beverage competition with more than 20,000 entrants!

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Rogue’s start in spirits began in 2003 as Oregon’s first rum distillery in Portland, OR. When asked why the move to spirits, Jim Cline, VP and General Manager, casually said, “it was a natural extension of brewing”, but he hinted at more. The ingredients were there and they saw the opportunity to be ahead of the game in craft distilling. And so the experiments began.

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