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Thread: Moose Drool

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    Moose Drool

    .a brown ale by Big Sky. I had wondered whether it might conform to the general rule, the uglier the label or its name, the greater probability that I'll like it. I did indeed like Moose although I found it considerably less assertive than the typical ale, revisiting a q which has long escaped definitive answer. How often can a brew which most of us consider bland, instead be labeled "subtle"

    Thanks from our Greater Southwest Beer-Tasting Society for your attention to this trenchant conundrum

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    I like it so much that I brewed a clone of it. Seems to me the trend is to make crazy hybrids and such. I find well crafted beers without a lot to hide behind like Moose Drool to be exceptional.
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    Thank you Mike

    By chance do you remember any subtle or outstanding flavors in Moose

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