Beer Town: Frozen Pints becomes Ice Cream Bar

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By Bob Townsend
For the AJC
I first wrote about Atlanta’s Frozen Pints Craft Beer Ice Cream in July 2012, not long after the company founded by Emory grad Ari Fleischer debuted five flavors made with real beer: Vanilla Bock, Peach Lambic, Honey IPA, Brown Ale Chip and Malted Milk Chocolate Stout.
Asked about the inspiration, Fleischer said it happened at a party, where a friend spilled a beer next to an ice cream maker, and he had a eureka moment of wondering what beer ice cream would taste like.
Flash forward to July 2014, and the next phase in the evolution of Frozen Pints, henceforth known as the Ice Cream Bar. In addition to a continuing line of beer flavors, the company will feature another, more potent portfolio of ice cream and sorbet made with spirits.
So far, find Bourbon Butter Pecan, White Russian, Brandy Alexander Chip, and Mojito Sorbet in beverage stores around metro Atlanta. Ranging from 8 percent to 9 percent alcohol by volume, the new flavors contain about three shots in each pint.
“The first question everyone asks when they try Frozen Pints is can I get a buzz off the ice cream,” Fleischer said during a recent tasting session with co-founder Aly Moler at Cypress Street Pint & Plate. “Everyone wants to know that because it’s kind of a cool, different thing.”
As to the move to booze, Fleischer sees it as the logical expansion of the brand, which he believes was the first craft beer ice cream, and now claims the title of the first ice cream with liquor.
“Craft beer is my biggest passion, but I’ve always had a passion for mixed drinks, too,” said Fleischer. “This is a chance to take what we’ve been doing to the next level of flavors. We’ve shown what could be done with beer. We have five year-round beers, we have seasonals, and collaborations, and one-offs.
“When you step from there into the liquor world, your options are unlimited. Any flavor you could want is already there in some form. And there are just so many great, well-balanced cocktails that we can build from.”
In the interest of reporting, I tried all four Ice Cream Bar flavors.
No surprise, Bourbon Butter Pecan, with three of my favorite things, was the easy winner, and nicely displaying all of the ingredients in nutty harmony. White Russian seemed a natural for an ice cream flavor of which the Dude would approve. Brandy Alexander was pleasantly pleasing in the role of an after dinner drink. And probably because I’m not a big fan of sorbet, Mojito didn’t grab me, though the rum packed a punch.
Moler said she’s expecting the Ice Cream Bar flavors to do well in bars and restaurants.
“It’s all about innovation and coming up with new combinations,” Moler said. “Bartenders and chefs are doing that all the time, creating seasonal drinks and dishes.”
As for the future of the Ice Cream Bar, look for more flavors of beer-based and spirits-based ice cream, including a “Single Churn” series partnering with local bartenders and chefs. And, eventually, there may be a line of wine ice cream.