Hi guys let me introduce myself my name is Darryl Logan and I'd call myself a novice beer reviewer on you tube. I'm attempting to navigate the wonderful world of beer and learn as I go. I'm not here to spam my videos everywhere but I would like some honest views and opinions. What do you guys think about novices shall we say regular guys talking about beers that they don't have expert knowledge of, is it a good or bad thing?. I myself have learnt to appreciate beer in a way I don't think I ever would if I never tried a review. Also if there are any guys on here willing to impart some knowledge to a novice like myself all hints and tips would be appreciated.
Here's my latest beer review if you would like to watch it.
Either way I would like your thoughts on novice reviewers like myself do we annoy you, is it a good thing for regular guys to attempt reviews or should we keep our views to ourselves.
Darryl Logan