New beer excites Kampala
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#atDuskweRise is a hash tag that had Kampala guessing for the past two weeks.

It trended all-over social media, leaving many wondering what it was about. It was not until last Friday evening that Heineken Uganda finally broke the icing on the cake, announcing that it was about a new beer on market.

Desperados Tequila Flavoured beer is the world’s first tequila-flavoured beer, which has a combination of gold coloured, full-bodied lager with a tequila flavour. The brand, which was launched in Kenya last Thursday before its launch in Kampala last Friday, was first launched in France in 1995.

The launch was at Sky Lounge, which is located along Cooper drive, Kisementi-Kamwokya. Sky Lounge is currently the in-thing for party animals. On arrival, each guest was ushered by girls dressed in hot pants and tank tops. There was a photo booth where you took photos, which were instantly printed and given to you free of charge.

Being a Heineken event, everyone expected beers to start flowing immediately the event started. However, those who adhered to the invite time of 7pm were shocked that they were served soft drinks. The organisers had planned the unveiling of the beer to be a surprise to the guests. This had many guests complaining, but the waiters kept assuring them that the best was yet to come.

The MC of the evening, Radio City presenter Didan, also did a good job by engaging the guests. There was also free face painting, and two projectors, with one relaying tweets on the hash tag and the other playing videos of the product. The lounge’s rooftop has a counter just as you walk in. In the middle of the counter was something in a black draping. In one extreme corner was the DJ’s box, with DJ Kasbaby playing house and garage music.

A few minutes to 9pm, Heineken Uganda Country Manager Juliana Kaggwa stepped forward to make the big announcement. The black draping in the middle of the counter was dropped and under it were three drums with one placed on top of the other two.

They were gold-coloured and each drum had a Desperados bottle placed on each side of the drum.

“Despite the competition, we are very confident about the product because consumers are always curious about new products and are eager to live an unforgettable experience,” Kaggwa told The Observer.

Heineken’s General Manager East Africa Uche Unigwe also attended.

“This is another milestone in the market as we seek to tap into alternatives to plain lagers and spirits,” he said.

Like in other countries, the product will be marketed in an iconic 330ml-long-neck-thick glass and transparent bottle. After the announcement, the guests had to taste the beer.

And from my experience, it is Kampala’s next panty remover, with a 5.9% alcohol volume. DJ Kasbaby kept the crowd on their feet and the bottles kept flowing until the cows came home. The retail price for beer is Shs 5,000.