To celebrate brewing Saint Arnold Amber Ale for 20 years, the oldest craft brewery in Texas is releasing three small Amber Ale batches, each dryhopped with a different hop variety. The first beer of the series, which was dryhopped with Liberty hops, was released earlier in the summer. The second release, dryhopped with Cascade hops, was released this week in 22-ounce bottles as well as limited casks.

Cascade is the bittering hop in every batch of Amber Ale, but is known for being a versatile hop. It originated in the Pacific Northwest and has deep roots in American craft brewing. When used as a dry hop, it contributes a spicy citrus aroma more commonly associated with American Pale Ales. This aroma strikes a pleasant balance with the caramel maltiness and light fruity flavors for which Amber Ale is known.

Normally, Saint Arnold Amber Ale is not dryhopped. It has been recognized over the years with the following awards:

  • Bronze Medal, Great American Beer Festival, Bitter, 2005
  • Bronze Medal, World Beer Cup, Special Best Bitter, 2004
  • Third Place - American-style Pale and Amber Ale, Real Ale Festival, 2000
  • Bronze Medal, Great American Beer Festival, Extra Special Bitter, 1999
  • Gold Medal, All American Brew Fest, Pale Ale, 1997
  • Silver Medal, World Beer Championships, Pale Ale, 1996
  • 1st Place - Colorado State Fair, American Pale Ale, 1995

Saint Arnold Amber Ale Dryhopped with Cascade takes Amber Ale back to its roots. In earlier days, the brewery dryhopped casks of Amber Ale with Cascade. At the time, this was one of the only cask ales you could find in Texas.