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Thread: Warm Up With Rogue Alesí Hot Sriracha Stout

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    Warm Up With Rogue Ales' Hot Sriracha Stout

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    Winter Is Coming, But Now You Can Warm Up With Rogue Alesí Hot Sriracha Stout

    Apparently, Sriracha obsession is a thing. In fact, you can even buy a keychain full of the demon spice (although itís sold out, because itís a thing, like I said). I even know a few people who swear Bloody Maryís are Godís gift to mankindóamong other things like Nutella and soft, cuddly puppies.

    To capitalize on this trend (or lifestyle?), you can drink Sriracha right out of the bottle ó and we donít mean downing an entire bottle of hot sauceÖor hot sauce vodka. Now, you can drink Sriracha beer: Rogue AlesĎ Sriracha Hot Stout Beer, to be exact.

    Itís coming to shelves this December, so itís the perfect brew to help heat up a lackluster winter date night, or make your uncontrollable sweating at the holiday dinner table seem spice-induced instead of a direct result of your grandmotherís uncomfortable questions.

    Wait. WTF is sriracha, you ask? Well, itís a type of hot sauce, or chili sauce. So, itís spicy. Itís made from a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt, and apparently itís named after the coastal city of Si Racha in Thailand (according to Wikipedia). So if hops arenít enough for you, maybe your beer needs some livening up?

    Rogue Ales made the announcement via social media this week (you know, the cool way), but has apparently been testing the beer in their brewery for at least two months. Beer snobsóer, criticsóat Untapped have been largely positive, enthusiastically commenting on the stoutís spice and coffee notes. The brewery is moving to mass-market the beer, meaning you could have a 6-pack at your disposal in the near future! While the timeline of production isnít known just yet, itís another reason to stay strong through the end of 2014.

    I know people say, Ďdonít mess with a good thing,í but apparently all we want to do is mess with good things in attempts to make them better (even though we usually screw it up). Iím not saying that will happen with this brewÖwhat I am saying, though, is that hot sauce beer sounds like something that will lead you to the toilet, much like a late-night Taco Bell run. So while I encourage adventure and trying new things, I also encourage you all to be careful. And know where the bathroom is.

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