Rare Beer Club™ Releasing Exclusive Grand Teton Beer in December

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• The Rare Beer Club™ to release exclusive Grand Teton Vintage 2014 beer
• Grand Teton Vintage 2014 is a blend of Grand Teton Brewery's Double Bitch Creek, Coming Home Holiday Ale, and Splash Down Belgian-Style Golden Ale
• Grand Teton Vintage 2014 to be included in December Rare Beer Club shipment
Lake Forest, CA (November 23, 2014) – The Rare Beer Club™, one of the four U.S. and international monthly beer clubs offered by The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club™, announces that it will be exclusively providing club members with Grand Teton Vintage 2014, a blended beer crafted by Grand Teton Brewing of Victor, Idaho.
"Being able to exclusively distribute a unique, short-run beer like the Grand Teton Vintage 2014 is exactly what we love to do here at The Rare Beer Club," says Kris Calef, president and founder of The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club. "Almost a year ago, the brewery reached out to us asking what kind of beer we'd like to offer our members that we hadn't done before. I suggested some kind of a high gravity blended ale aged in rum barrels and they took it and really ran with it. This is a beer that you won't find anywhere else."
The Grand Teton Vintage 2014 is a limited-run, 8.5% ABV blended ale composed of Grand Teton Brewery's Cellar Reserve XX Bitch Creek E.S.B., its seasonal Coming Home Holiday Ale, a malt-forward Belgian-style Dubbel, and its Splash Down Belgian-style Golden Ale. After blending, the Grand Teton Vintage 2014 is aged for four weeks in 40-year-old Columbian rum barrels, and is crown finished before distribution. Grand Teton Vintage 2014 can either be consumed now, or cellared for years to come.
"The Grand Teton Vintage 2014 has aged beautifully," says Rob Mullin, brewmaster and COO of Grand Teton Brewing Company. "As expected, the hops have mellowed significantly, and the chocolate-caramel malt flavors have really come through."
This year, The Rare Beer Club featured seven other craft beers that were exclusively distributed through the club. Founder Kris Calef states, "We always try to slot an exclusive beer in December, as we do over half of our annual business in December. Memberships to our beer clubs are really well received as a gift for hard-to-shop-for beer geeks."
Visit The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club's current beer selection page to learn more about the Grand Teton Vintage 2014.
For more information on Grand Teton Brewery and its beers, visit www.grandtetonbrewing.com.
About The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club™
The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club™ provides its members with four different monthly beer club options, each of which contains exclusive and uncommon beers from the world's top breweries. The Rare Beer Club™, originally founded by world-renowned beer expert Michael Jackson, features the finest in limited-release, celebratory, and artisanal beers. Members receive two different 750-ml unique or rare beers in each shipment, including farmhouse ales, Russian imperial stouts, barley wines, Belgian abbey ales, and varied imperial, extreme, strong ale, and grand cru offerings.
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