Brewery Collectibles Club holds Winterfest Breweriana Collectibles & Beer Cans Show in Flint

FLINT, MI The room of Dom Polski Hall, 2415 N. Linden Road, was nothing short of nostalgic with thousands of classic beer brand memorabilia, with connoisseurs and collectors sharing laughs and stories.

On the morning of Saturday, Jan. 17, The Mid-Michigan Chapter of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America hosted its annual Winterfest Breweriana Collectibles and Beer Can Show.

Thousands of items from classic soda and beer cans, tap handles to bar lights and artwork were on display, vendors were present to sell their treasures to collectors. For many attendees, the items brought back memories and captured a moment in time.

John Fatura, member of the CANvention committee, has an extensive collection of memorabilia of 4,000 items in his basement. He spent his time engaging with guests, sharing his knowledge of the collectibles, from the unknown to favorites, and said he enjoys seeing people enjoy themselves.

"We're getting more beer lovers and obviously we'd like to see them drink responsibly but there's a market for them. There's no doubt about it," he said. "Beer lovers want to try other things other than a couple of common ones like Miller Light, Budweiser, names that have been around."

Joseph "Lil' Joe" Olsen of Westland is known by friends for his avid love and knowledge for Stroh's beer, which is the first beer he'd ever had. He's been collecting Stroh's beer cans, bottle caps and signs for more than 40 years.

"I grew up in Detroit on the west side and Stroh's was the beer I'd ever drank," he said. "The thing that made Stroh's different from any other beer is that it was fire brewed. Most others were brewed over steam, so that definitely made a difference."

Founded in 1970, the club is a nonprofit organization and the largest brewery collectibles organization in the world with more than 4,000 members.

The next expected beer can show, called "The CANvention," is this summer in Frankenmuth.

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