Did you know beer is a truly multipurpose instrument aside from just drinking it like you did on New Years Eve? Got some laying around the house now that you just canít bear to drink? Hereís 14 ideas to incorporate more beer into your life and use it in ways that donít involve a frosted glass or funnel.

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1. Marinate your beef
Making a beer marinade for your beef is a delicious way to add another layer of flavor, and meanwhile it destroys some of the bad chemicals that might form on the meat while itís cooked on a grill. Itís a win win.

2. Wash your hair
Mix in a little distilled water and your favorite scented oil, and voila ó youíve got a rinse that will leave your dull, dry hair shiny and hydrated.

3. Control backyard pests
Leaving shallow dishes of beer near your plants is an organic way to intoxicate pesky yard dwellers and leave them vulnerable to the birds.

4. Polish your pots
Let your pots soak in beer. Then give them a good polish to see them shine like new.

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