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Thread: Allagash Tripel Ale

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    Allagash Tripel Ale 9% in the 1 pt 9.4 oz (750 ml) has to be one of the tastiest, 9.3 (on our nonlinear scale 0f 10, where 3 is acceptable and 5 excellent). As Recording Secretary of The Greater Southwest Beer-Tasting Society ( it might be my own very favorite; so we herewith invite comment

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    Allagash is one of my favorite breweries, especially when we're in Maine eating lobster-in fact Allagash Tripel and steamed lobster work very well together. Now I just need to find time and money to go and refresh my memories up there.
    It's always time for a beer

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    I agree, Allagash is mighty tasty. Oddly, I like it with thin crust pizza.
    Two ciders please, I'm thirsty!

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    Thanks Corky and Malty, I'll so advise our membership

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