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Thread: Why did I ever stop?

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    Thumbs up Why did I ever stop?

    I can answer that... because I got "too busy".

    But really, it was a mistake to stop brewing. Imagine a world where you can actually produce the kind of beer you like, work around it and try different things, and every time end up with a BIG smile (bigger than that) when you realize what you've done? Well duh!! I live in it, and bought the equipment to do it years ago! Save money, spend quality time outside hovering around a brew kettle... with a real goal in mind. Definition of fun, really.

    This forum appears to have lost participation, besides a few die hards. Well hear this y'all...

    Here is to opening minds, welcoming brewers...There is a reason for doin' it. And we should post our triumphs and discuss them (they are all triumphs!).

    I won't bore you with the details, but I have 5 gallons freshly kegged real beer on tap, and the other half in a secondary... It is right there in my favorite style. It is not for everyone, but it smacks me on the jaw in a way that nothing at the store could possibly do. Damn, but this is what it's all about.

    It's not over folks. Not by a longshot!!

    And by the way. I am hardly a "newb" brewer.
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