PicoBrew Zymatic review: Making great craft beer in a cloud-connected appliance
By John Phillips
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It doesn't make beer on demand, but the Zymatic does remove friction from home brewing by grabbing recipes online, and automating complex steps.
Every time I told someone I was testing the PicoBrew Zymatic, a countertop appliance that simplifies beer brewing much like a bread machine simplifies baking, I heard a variation of the following question: “So you basically dump in a bunch of ingredients, push a button, and then tap your beer, right?”

Oh, if it were only that simple.

The Zymatic is not like an espresso machine or Sodastream for beer, so if you’re looking for instant gratification (let alone an instant buzz), just buy a six-pack instead. Beer brewing is typically a one- to three-week operation that involves big pots and buckets, precision temperature control, and strict respect for sanitization and other best practices. The Zymatic streamlines much of this rigmarole, but it’s not a miracle worker, so you’ll still need to wait quite a while for your beer.

Nonetheless, based on everything I learned during my first-ever beer-brewing experience, the Zymatic definitely eliminates much of the friction of traditional home brewing. The machine downloads recipes from the cloud, and uses a computer-driven workflow to execute many of the complex brewing steps that novices like myself are prone to botch.
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