Crazy Mountain Brewing Co. Sets Up Importing Company in the United Kingdom

Edwards, Colo. – January 12, 2016 – Crazy Mountain Brewing Company announces they will open a beer importation company in the United Kingdom with distribution beginning in February 2016. Establishing an importing company headquartered in the UK will allow the brewery to increase their global presence and continue to grow within European markets.

Crazy Mountain joins a small handful of American craft breweries to export high volumes to Europe, and one of an elite number to actually operate their own importing company overseas. At only 6 years in business, Crazy Mountain is one of the only craft breweries to begin self-distribution internationally. By acting as its own importer, Crazy Mountain will be able to ship high quality products to Europe while ensuring strict quality standards for the beer from the time it leaves the brewery’s dock to the time it arrives at the pub’s door. American Craft Beer Company, based in London, will be the brewery’s operating partner on the ground.

American Craft Beer Company's Founder, Mark Smith states “Crazy Mountain Brewery will be afforded the opportunity to provide far more support to customers then many of the other imported brands in the market. In the majority of cases, once beer is delivered to an importer the brewery no longer has any influence on the performance of the beers. However, when self-distributed, the brewery gets to have far more control on how the brand performs within the marketplace. Without the three tier system, or anything close to it in the UK, we are able to enjoy the flexibility that the market offers.”

This yields a to-market strategy that can be unique to Crazy Mountain, fine-tuned and very strategic based on the specific target demographics abroad. Crazy Mountain will maintain complete control over their branding and has developed an extensive marketing and sales rollout plan to introduce their brews into the English craft beer scene. Crazy Mountain is revving up for their February 2016 launch and plans to introduce Crazy Mountain beers to the public during the Craft Beer Rising Festival on February 26th. The fourth annual Craft Beer Rising festival will feature 150 top exhibitors pouring over 380 beers. Crazy Mountain is thrilled to be apart of a unique festival focused on bringing quality craft beer into the hands of consumers and believe it is the perfect opportunity to debut Crazy Mountain’s hand-crafted artisan ales to the UK.

About Crazy Mountain Brewing Company

Crazy Mountain Brewing Company is an Edwards, Colorado-based Company that provides high quality handcrafted brews to beer enthusiasts across the nation. Since 2010, Crazy Mountain Brewing Company has consistently brewed craft beer with the finest ingredients to yield the best tasting ales. Crazy Mountain products are available in cans, bottles and on draft in 19 states across the country and in Sweden, Norway, North Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom. For more information on Crazy Mountain Brewing Company, please call 970-926-3009 or visit .