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Maine Brew Bus Announces Expansion in Boston
Plans to offer all-inclusive brewery tours and more
BOSTON, MA -- The Maine Brew Bus of Portland, Maine has announced plans to expand its award winning tours of craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries into the Greater Boston area beginning this spring.
The new Boston Brew Bus tours will begin and end at an easily accessible downtown Boston location. The all-inclusive tours on bright green school buses will provide a behind-the-scenes look at Greater Boston’s craft breweries, distilleries, wineries, and more.
Tours will be driven by a knowledgeable non-drinking driver and led by expert guides to ensure the best possible experience. Guests on the tours will learn details about the process, meet the founders and producers, and try samples of the products as they get an insider's look at the thriving Boston alcohol production scene.
“This seems like an ideal time to expand our Brew Bus business into the Boston market,” said founder Zach Poole. “By our count there are over 40 breweries and brewpubs currently operating or soon to be open in the area. But many area residents and most tourists can only name a couple of the larger ones when asked. We will literally open the doors to these amazing new places and show our guests the new producers of craft beer and more”, added Poole.
Founded in September, 2012 by Zach and Allison Poole, The Maine Brew Bus provides regularly scheduled guided tours to different alcohol producers in Southern Maine. In the over three years since its inception, the company has grown to include three buses and has driven well over 7,000 guests right to the front door of small and growing alcohol production businesses. In August, 2013 the company was named the #1 TripAdvisor tour in Portland, a position it has maintained ever since.
A bus for the Boston tours is currently being prepared, and Poole says he is in the process of acquiring at least one more. The company also plans to use its long-term relationship with the Craft Beer Cellar retail stores to help promote and market this expansion to potential tour guests.
“We are super excited to have Maine Brew Bus in the Boston area,” said Kelsey Roth of Craft Beer Cellar. “They have been a great partner with our store in Portland, ME and we are looking forward to working with them here on our home turf. They are real Beer Geeks who know their beer and take great care of their customers and that's something we always get behind.”
The new Boston Brew Bus venture will employ up to 10 people, and will visit up to 20 different partner sites. Details about locations, itineraries, and pricing are not final at this time.
For more information about the Boston Brew Bus, please or the company can be found on social media platforms as Boston Brew Bus.
For more information, or to schedule media opportunities including interviews and tours, contact:
Don Littlefield, Media Relations
Boston Brew Bus
Office 617 651-5200
Cell 207 831-4078
About The Maine Brew Bus
The Maine Brew Bus was founded in September 2012 by Zach and Allison Poole, who realized that people in Portland might enjoy a guided safe ride to drink local beer at different small producers. Maine’s Original Brew Bus company began by offering tours on Saturday afternoons to a handful of breweries in the Portland area.
The all-inclusive tours on bright green school buses provide a behind-the-scenes look at Maine's craft breweries, distilleries, wineries, and more. Tours are led by expert guides in addition to a knowledgeable non-drinking driver to ensure the best possible experience for participating guests as well as for the businesses with which they partner.
By the time the first anniversary of the company rolled around, nearly 1,500 guests had taken tours and The Maine Brew Bus had become the #1 Tour in Portland as rated by TripAdvisor users - an enviable position that they maintain to this day. The fleet now includes three 13-passenger buses and 10 additional staff members and will drove well over 4,000 guests from around the globe to “drink local” during 2015.
In both 2014 and 2015, The Maine Brew Bus was presented the coveted TripAdvisor “Certificate of Excellence” for outstanding guest reviews. They also received an Editor’s Choice award by Down East Magazine as a “2014 Best of Maine” recipient, and were selected for Portland Buy Local and Entreverge awards in the past year.
For more information and to see a current schedule of tours and events, please visit