By Patrick Coffee

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Toronto’s Bensimon Byrne was recently tasked with promoting client Amsterdam Brewery’s Boneshaker IPA but couldn’t quite decide on a tagline…so the shop went with all of ‘em, Katie.

We’re too dumb to remember all of the ads this spot is referencing, but here you go. WATCH VIDEO HERE

With all due respect to a certain agency, each of these played-out lines is still better than the tag for a certain recent campaign starring one perpetually stoned comedian.

“Boneshaker revels in making fun of the beer industry, which takes itself too seriously, fawning over taste descriptors and pour shots that are more like beer porn,” says Bensimon Byrne ECD Joseph Bonnici.

Company founder Jeff Carefoote adds, “We have our own craft, our own ideas on innovation, and we stubbornly won’t stray from either – just like we won’t justify just one tagline to describe who we are. Instead, we simply pour on.”

Regarding future campaigns, Bonnici says, “Endless slogans has well, endless possibilities. Currently we have hundreds of slogans written for Boneshaker. We intend to use every single one of them in every channel.”

We believe him! The client is currently sharing its fan favorites under the #BoneshakerSlogans tag as part of a “win a year’s worth of beer” contest.