Roswell resident’s passion for beer brewing inspires new business
By Lindsay Moscarello

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Before pouring one of the signature “Goat” themed beers, Abbey of the Holy Goats owner and operator, Kathy Davis, ran water through the glass, which allows for a better pour.
Kathy Davis recalls the time when she was “burnt out” from working as a chef and sought out a new path inspired by “the need for quiet reflection.”

Davis considered becoming a Buddhist nun or a goat farmer.

An experience helping her brother-in-law, a home beer brewer for over 30 years, with a batch or two inspired Kathy Davis toward a new path.

Davis began experimenting with flavor profiles and small batch brewing after her parents gifted her with a home brewing kit.

She obtained her business degree from Georgia State University, while continuing to learn everything she could about brewing.

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart and I love brewing. I thrive in trying to challenge myself and having an impact in the community,” Davis said.

Kathy Davis new venture is owner and operator of “Abbey of the Holy Goats,” a brewery and tasting hall.

She is the first female brewery owner in Georgia.

Davis encourages other women interested in brewing to see that “it is possible to be a brewer and thrive.”

“All brewers are constantly scrutinized for their product and I share these pressures, regardless of gender. My brand is not around being a female-owned brewer, but by making a premium brand of beer that the consumer wants,” she said.

“My goal from the beginning has been to create a memorable experience for our consumers with a unique perspective on brewing,” Davis said.

The story behind the name, “Abbey of the Holy Goats” is one for the books.

“The ‘Abbey’ part of the name is significant for two reasons; we brew Belgian-style beers at the brewery and an abbey is where these beers are typically brewed in Belgium. [It is also] due to my former interest in becoming a nun and living a meditative lifestyle,” Davis explains.

The ‘Holy Goats’ portion of the name is attributed to her past desire to purchase a goat farm.

Located in an industrial office area in Roswell, the space accommodates the tasting room, an open area with a communal table; a barrel room, bar and brewery.

Behind the bar area is a stained glass logo design two windows that provide a view of the brewery, where the four staple beers are brewed and where new potential beers are developed.

The names of beers correlate with the goat theme.

“The Lazy Goat,” “Goats of the First Order,” “Goats in the Garden” and “The Goats Obsession” are the first round of beers available on tap at the brewery.

“We expect to have a least one seasonal release every other month,” said Davis, who has more projects in the works for “The Abbey.”

Davis’s knowledge of pairings is derived from her working as a chef.

Her goal is to accentuate those flavors using flavor profiles of beer.

“I have spent over eight years not just brewing, but specifically studying the brewing process and its impact on the flavor profile of food.

Davis collaborates with a small staff on all aspects of the brewery.

Michael Gardella is the Sales Coordinator Goat; Olivia Morales is the brand coordinator and Michael Lauziere is the tasting hall coordinator.

Lauziere met Davis when he was working in a bar and recalls having extensive conversations about beer and the brewing process.

After Lauziere and Davis collaborated on design projects for “The Abbey”, she offered him a full time job and he accepted.

To partake in an opportunity to “commune with your senses,” Abbey of the Holy Goats is located at 4000 Northfield Way, Suite 800 in Roswell.

Tasting rooms are open on Fridays from 5 to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 1 to 4 p.m.

More information is available at