Trumer Pils,
Since coming to the bay area this is hands down my favorite pils! medium carbonation tightly packed bubbles, nice, light and soft malty goodness quickly followed by a firm punch of noble hops. this stuff is great. especially on a hot day! bros over at beer advocate gave it a 91! erbidy else said 86. rate beer i dont understand their rating system? doesn't matter, i love the stuff. evidently those boys in Austria decided instead of shipping their beer to the US they would ship the ingredients and brew it up for us in Berkley CA instead, so that we might enjoy it as they do. that was berry niceth of them!

okay so im sure everyone has their favorite lager and this isn't really a review more of a...... how are you, or how do you do it?
this thing is a beautiful thing but it loses some of it's luster as it warms, imo all lagers do. but i can never quit figure out how fast to drink it, i more of an Ale guy, if it warms thats fine.... but this one has me confused and this conundrum is keeping me up at night, well that and what does a cop do when he has to arrest a one arm man? but i am quite perplexed here.... any suggestions this is serious stuff man!