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Thread: SDBW Schedule at Toronado SD

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    SDBW Schedule at Toronado SD

    A look at the coming week here at the Toronado San Diego

    Some people around here say that every week is beer week, and we're inclined to agree. But being that this is our 8th SDBW now, we feel like we can say that although it can be a lot of work, it's still always a lot of fun. It's beer! So don't expect anything too serious here this week, just a lot of great beer and a lot of fun.

    Monday November 7th- Kegs of sour and darker, stronger barrel-aged beers will start to join our hop-heavy tap list today, from such breweries as Russian River Brewing, The Lost Abbey, Firestone Walker, Almanac, and more. Then at 7pm we'll tap a keg of the most recent vintage of the Lost Abbey's rare Cable Car ale. We will have bottles of Cable Car available for sale too, including some older vintages. We'll also have bottles of another Toronado proprietary beer, the PNC from Firestone Walker. So... IPA's, sours, & barrel-aged strong ales. Sounds good.

    Tuesday November 8th- Pliny for President! We've weighed the choices carefully, and we've decided that this is the only way to go. We'll be selling pints of Russian River's Pliny the Elder for just $5 all day... that's all day, from 11:30 am until midnight. We realize that this is an unusual election, so we're offering an unusual deal to help you make it through the day. As for us, as we've neared the fateful day, we've taken solace in this this quote by Samuel Johnson: "How small of all that human hearts endure, that part which laws or kings can cause or cure." On the other hand, he said that a long time ago... Drink up, buttercup.

    Wednesday November 9th- Kern River Brewing Company at the Toronado SD! It's always Big Wednesday when our cousins come down from Kernville to join us for a night of great beer and yes, fun, god dammit! KRBC owners Eric & Rebecca Giddens are two of our favorite people, and we have always loved their beer. We'll have a keg of their cult-favorite Citra IPA on tap at 6pm and we can't wait to try the Nick Rivers IPA (a collaboration with SD beer legend Tom Nickel), as well as Shuttle Bunny white IPA, the killer Gravity Check session IPA, Think Tank IPA, longtime Toronado SD fave Just Outstanding IPA, Class V Stout, and barrel-aged Class X Stout! We may even be forgetting one... If past years are any indication, a great and raucous time will be had by all. And yes, another Rebecca (aka The Olympian) vs. Nate (aka The Power from Palau) rematch will probably happen. Starts at 6pm.

    Thursday November 10th- Come by and drink some beer! How about a Blind Pig? We need you to help us knock down a couple of kegs because besides being Veteran's Day, Friday is...

    Friday November 11th is the 3rd Annual Battle of the Guilds! We are proud (and as always, a bit terrified) to be holding this great event again. Proud because the brewers' guilds of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego let us continue to host the event; terrified because we have to have 45 (15 from each guild) new kegs of beer ready to go and tasting the way they should by 6pm! Everyone brings their best stuff, so it's a fantastic, all-over-the-place selection of beers. And, you get to participate further by voting (easy voting this time) for the best guild. We'll send an email out detailing all of the participating breweries as soon as we get the final list. This is always a wild time, with lots of brewers in the house. Don't miss a unique chance to see what's happening right now in California brewing. No admission charge, starts at 6pm.
    Sunday November 13th- We are excited to end SDBW 2016 with a bang! A private brunch featuring the beers from Carson, CA's Phantom Carriage. We've sold quite a few tickets already, so if you like sour beers, click below for information.
    Phantom Carriage Brunch
    That's it for now... Keep apprised of any additional goings-on here at Toronado SD by clicking on them little icons below. Hope your week is a great one (we'll get through this) and we hope to see you here.

    Our address is:
    Toronado San Diego
    4026 30th Street
    San Diego, CA.
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