Goose Island Cellar Raid!

Beer-Centric Hawthornes Cafe to Release Highly Sought After Goose Island Bourbon County Rare Beer While Tapping Other Vintage & Rare Goose Island Beers on Wednesday, December 14th

Proceeds from the Event Will Go Towards St. Jude's Children's Hospital

Chris Fetfatzes and Heather Annechiarico of Hawthornes Cafe will be hosting their fourth annual Goose Island Bourbon County Release Party on Wednesday, December 14th from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. at the restaurant, located at 736 South 11th Street in Philadelphia’s Bella Vista neighborhood. In addition to tapping a keg of Goose Island Bourbon County, Fetfatzes and Annechiarico will also be tapping and uncapping a variety of hard-to-find Goose Island beers that they have been stockpiling.

Upon opening the restaurant at 9 a.m., Fetfatzes and Annechiarico will tap kegs of Goose Island’s Bourbon County Coffee 2016 (13.4% ABV) as well as the Chicago-based craft brewery’s Brand Stout (14.5) and Barleywine (12.1). At 6 p.m., they’ll tap the brewery’s Regal Rye (13.2), Coffee '12 (14.3), Coffee '15 (13.4), Cherry Rye '12 (13.7), Madame Rose (7.1), Halia (7.5) and Hombre Secreto Tropico (7.5) and offer bottles of each of the evening’s draft beer selections available.

At 7 p.m., the restaurant will make samples of Goose Island Bourbon County Rare Stout available for $8 for a 1-ounce pour, and $25 for a 4-ounce pour, which is the maximum they’ll allot any customer. The Rare Stout is a bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout aged for two years in 35 year-old Heaven Hill Kentucky Bourbon Barrels, and brewed only once, in 2010. There will be nine beers available for pouring, as well as the three available for purchase, which will be sold via a raffle at the restaurant. Raffle tickets are $5 apiece, and customers can purchase as many as they'd like. All raffle proceeds will be donated to St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and each customer who dines at the restaurant for breakfast or lunch on Tuesday or Wednesday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. will receive one free raffle ticket. Raffle winners will be selected at 8:30, 9 and 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

"This Bourbon County Rare is a seriously special beer," said Fetfatzes. "I've seen bottles being sold for over $100 apiece, so you know that there are some beer fanatics out there that will prioritize attending this event. We're really looking forward to the turnout, especially since we are huge beer lovers ourselves. Since we only have a dozen bottles of the Rare Stout available, we decided to bring a bunch of other vintage and rare beers out of the cellar for what we're calling a 'cellar raid,' so beer lovers from around the region can try some of the delicious offerings we secured from the celebrated Goose Island brand."

Throughout the evening, Hawthornes will also be giving away Goose Island branded chalice glasses, Goose Island T-shirts and Intelligentsia Coffee, which is used to brew Goose Island's Coffee Stout.

Hawthornes Cafe is owned and operated by Fetfatzes and Annechiarico, the couple behind Tio Flores, The Cambridge and Quick Sip delivery service. Hawthornes serves weekday breakfast and weekend brunch, as well as lunch and dinner six days a week. Learn more by visiting