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Thread: January Events on Tap at Toronado Seattle

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    January Events on Tap at Toronado Seattle

    Offering 40 taps of the finest craft beers and a wide selection of tequilas, bourbon and scotch.

    January 2017

    4th Special Bonus Pint Night

    11th Altamont Brewing Pint Night

    14th Fremont Barrel aged beer Dinner. CLOSED to public 5-8:30pm unless you have a ticket!

    18th Bainbridge Brewing Take the Pint Night

    21st Sarah's Tequila Carnival 3.0 Tequila!

    25th Ballast Point/ Schilling Cider Take the Pint Night! Anti Devon Event!

    28th Fort George Video Gaming Night! Beers and Prizes!

    Toronado Seattle
    1205 NE 65th Street
    Seattle, WA 94115
    Check out the other Toronado locations
    San Francisco - San Diego
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