Fireforge Crafted Beer finds a home on Washington St.

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To paraphrase that immortal giant of English literature Charles Dickens, these are the best of times, these are the bestest of times ó well, at least they are if youíre a fan of local craft brew in Greenville.

While GVL is not yet a craft beer Mecca like our Asheville neighbors across the border in the backward Carolina ó thatís something you couldnít have said just a few years ago ó our fair city is in the midst of a craft beer renaissance.

Take todayís news for example: Fireforge Crafted Beer has finally found a home after a nearly two-year-long search. The location: 311 E. Washington Street.

Husband-and-wife owners Brian and Nicole Cendrowski took to Facebook today to post the news:

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We did it! After an 18-month search evaluating over 60 properties throughout Greenville and seemingly every surrounding nook and cranny, we found a home for our brewery. And itís right in the heart of Greenville.
Fireforge Crafted Beer has signed a lease for a 4,600 square foot warehouse section of the former WN Watson Tire & Auto building at 311 E. Washington.
** Homegrown in Greenville **...
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