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Thread: Pdx - Hopworks Brewer's Whiskey

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    Pdx - Hopworks Brewer's Whiskey

    by Will Meek - January 30th, 2017

    Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) was a game-changer in the Portland beer scene when it arrived in 2007. It formed the beginning of a wave of breweries that brought a new level of branding from the ground level, and also a commitment to sustainability. In town, Hopworks’ beer is also synonymous with the cycling community, so much so, that its second location is fully decked out in bicycle frames. There is also an electricity generating bike one can ride to give back to the Earth, from which we greedy automatons take regularly.

    Organic HUB Lager is one of its top-selling beers and is an ethically created answer to the ubiquitous macro lagers that pollute football stadiums and TV screens across the globe. As an interesting deviation from the beer game, brewmaster Christian Ettinger worked with Portland-based New Deal Distillery to do a double pot still distillation of the lager, followed by aging it for an undisclosed amount of time in a “variety of American oak barrels.”

    The finished spirit, described by those behind it is a single malt whiskey, was released in very small quantities in Portland at the end of last year, and is up for review here.

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