We have received confirmation...
that San Diego's allotment of kegs of Russian River Brewing Co's Pliny the Younger are in cold storage at Stone in Escondido and will be on their (refrigerated) delivery trucks Monday morning. We had been told to probably expect them on Tuesday, but it's happening earlier than we anticipated. So, those of you with Valentine's Day plans will be able to proceed with them. Now, let's get down to the basics:

We always tap the Younger on the first day it arrives. If all goes as expected, we'll expect the delivery around 10 or 10:30am on Monday. However, we can't guarantee that this will be the case. Things happen. But that's the plan. Expect a line. When the cold kegs roll in our back door they'll go straight to the walk-in, where a brand new beer line will be awaiting it's arrival. We tap it, and then open the door... You're getting the freshest, best-tasting Younger in town. We're also expecting a fresh batch of Pliny The Elder that morning too so you'll get the double-hop-whammy.

Monday, we'll tap 2 kegs in succession. With 10 ounce pours (cost is $10 a glass- 2 beers per customer*), we should get a yield of close to 400 glasses of beer. That said, the kegs will be blown in around an hour or an hour and-a-half, so if you arrive at noon you're probably going to be out of luck on Monday.

We strongly recommend that you eat breakfast Monday. You are drinking strong beer in the morning! We'll be monitoring the situation all day; if anyone gets out of hand (it's happened) they will be politely asked to leave. We'll be serving our breakfast sandwiches to help you lay down a base, and by all means drink some water too. Also, Ubering is never a bad idea. Be safe, and be cool. Also, valid ID is required. If you're pushing a stroller (parents need Younger too) that's fine, but please be advised that it will be very crowded and maybe not the best day for smaller children.

We are also tapping another full keg on Thursday the 16th, at 7:00 pm in the evening. Again, we'll expect close to 200 glasses worth. We ask that you don't stand there and stare at the bartenders while you wait for the clock to strike seven, it makes them nervous. And nervous bartenders have trouble seeing you. It's supposed to be fun... have a beer or get something to eat while you wait. You'll most likely get one!

We are very fortunate to get the amount of the Younger that we do. It allows us to indulge in another of our Pliny the Younger traditions, the diabolically evil surprise tapping... In addition to Monday and Thursday, we will do 2 more surprise tappings between now and Sunday the 19th (Shameless pitch: that's the date of our El Segundo Brewing Brunch; go to Eventbrite.com for tickets!). One keg is a full sized 15.5 gallon keg and will be served like the one described above. The other, smaller 5 gallon keg will be poured in 6 oz glasses for $6, with roughly a 100 glass yield. We like to watch these unfold; if you're lucky enough to be in here when we tap it feel free to brag to your friends on social media while you enjoy your beer. However, as a subscriber to this email list, you're the only people we're telling about our Younger tapping schedule. This email is it. It will not be posted on social media by anyone from the Toronado San Diego. We recommend that you keep this info to yourselves... loose lips sink ships, and putting this info out there increases the chances that you might not get one. Having said that, if in the next seven days you see one of our bartenders with a ladder in one hand and a sign in the other and there is a smirk on his or her face, head for the bar!

Think that's it... We'll see you here this week at the Toronado!

*2 beers per customer: a lot of people like to enjoy the Pliny's (Elder & Younger) side-by-side. And why not? But ordering a Younger and an Elder constitutes 2 beers... After that you'll have to get back in line and wait your turn. Here's more info on the beer itself from the RRBC website:
Pliny the Younger

Cheers to the Hopfather!
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