Press release:
Funds to Support Legacy Projects of Twenty Seven Gold Star Families
The Dog Tag Brewing Foundation is pleased to announce $114,700 in grants to support the legacy projects of 27 Gold Star Families in 18 states. These grants are awarded to families who are committed to creating a long-lasting legacy for their lost loved one by inspiring and giving back to their local community.
“Families tell us that having a dedication can in honor of their loved one and knowing that people around the country will raise a toast and be inspired to pay it forward is the most perfect way to honor the sacrifice of these brave men and women,” said Seth Jordan, Founder, Dog Tag Brewing Foundation. “Dog Tag Brewing and the Foundation represent so much of who these heroes were: patriotic, inspired, social, with a desire to give back to community and country.”
To date, the Foundation has granted more than $238,000 to support the legacy projects of 51 families in 24 states. Dog Tag Brewing Foundation is supported by sales of Dog Tag Brewing’s Legacy Lager, distributed nationally by Pabst Brewing Company. Each can of Legacy Lager honors a different fallen warrior. Dog Tag Brewing donates 100% of its profits to the Dog Tag Brewing Foundation.
“We are hearing from people around the country who enjoy a Dog Tag beer and are inspired to learn more,” said Jordan. “One amazing story is that of Matt Sauri. Matt was attending a Monday Night Football Seattle Seahawks game this fall. He bought a Legacy Lager and was shocked to see the dog tag of his lacrosse teammate and friend from Maryland, Brendan Looney, on the can.”
"‘Loon Dog’, was an inspiration to all who knew him. He was, without question, the most badass person I’ve ever known. When I saw his name on the back of that beer can, I almost collapsed,” wrote Sauri. “I pulled myself together and immediately reached out to his family with a picture of the can I was holding. They responded with much gratitude and thanks. Brendan never sought his own glory. It was always about the sacrifice, the team, the bigger purpose. What Dog Tag is doing by sharing the names and stories of fallen warriors with beer drinkers around the country and asking them to toast a hero really is inspiring and does make sure they are never forgotten.”
Dog Tag’s Legacy Lager is brewed with premium quality 2-row pale and specialty malts, Magnum and Saaz hops, and is fermented with a timeless American lager yeast. To find where to purchase Legacy Lager in your area, please visit