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Thread: Murky Miercoles Tonight at Toronado SD!

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    Murky Miercoles Tonight at Toronado SD!

    iT'S Drinkabout'S 7th Anniversary!

    Drinkabout is Tonight!
    The free bus that takes you from Hamilton's to Small Bar to Live Wire to Blind Lady to Tiger!Tiger! to... well, you get the picture. Yes, it's tonight! We have 3 different Modern Times hazy IPA's on tap today, along with a Modern Times/ Cervejeria Dogma (Brazil) collaboration Porter. We've got a taco special going as well, and we still have a mind-boggling array of coffee beers (we're only down the Mikkeller Fruit Face from Sunday) on tap too. You owe it to yourself to come out tonight, so get on the bus!

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    Our address is:
    Toronado San Diego
    4026 30th Street
    San Diego, CA 92104
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