Younger and more, tomorrow...

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Thursday evening at 7 o'clock...
Monday was a blast. Let's do it again! So, the next full-sized keg of Russian River Brewing Co's Pliny the Younger will be tapped tonight at 7pm. Most of you have heard the drill, but as some are just joining us here, we'll re-cap it briefly:

Again, it's a 15.5 gallon keg so we'll expect close to 200 glasses worth. 10 oz glasses- 2 beers per order. We ask that you don't stand there and stare at the bartenders while you wait for the clock to strike seven, it makes them nervous. And nervous bartenders have trouble seeing you. It's supposed to be fun... have a beer or get something to eat while you wait. You'll most likely get one! And besides, we're loading up the hop cannon with fresh kegs of Kern River Brewing's Citra IPA, Beachwood's Hops of Fury 11% triple IPA, and the awesome new Devils Triangle collaboration IPA from our friends Shawn McIlhenney (Alpine) Devon Randall (Arts District) & Bill Batten (Mikkeller). All on the same night! And of course we'll have plenty of fresh Pliny the Elder on tap as well, so get yourselves in here tomorrow evening!

We've also decided to "announce" that the last remaining keg of PtY we have will be tapped at 5pm this Saturday. It's the same deal: 15.5 gallon keg, 2 per customer, bring your ID's, etc... The surprises are fun, but we've been convinced that you need to know. Tomorrow at 7pm, and Saturday at 5pm... and that's it 'til 2018.... So there you have it; we'll see you tomorrow for some hoppy beer heaven.

Our address is:
Toronado San Diego
4026 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104