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Cellarmaker Brunch this Sunday!
Look at these two... They're fantastic. Come to our brunch this weekend and see why. Freshly translated from some obscure Micronesian runes, here's the list... And yes it's a Tarantino-themed brunch to boot:

Django Unchained
Dinuguan "Morcilla" | Pickled Beet Brandy Fennel Cream | Green Garlic Rye | Bulls Blood
Beer: Bourbon barrel-aged Vastness of Space with Vanilla
Chef: Mike A

Reservoir Dogs
Pig ear Chicharone | Tuna Finedene
Coconut foam | papaya slaw
Beer: Glow Pale Ale
Chefs: Toronado (Missy & Nate)

Kill Bill vol. 1
Duck confit medallions, cold somen noodles, Sous vide egg yolk, duck fat lardons, tsuyu tomato glaze
Kill Bill vol. 2
5 point palm exploding duck heart technique.
Chefs: AG and Chef Erin

Inglorious Basterds
Trotter raviolo | truffle | foraged herbs | Meyer lemon | porcini ash
Headcheese taco | "beet blood" | kaffir lime
Beer: Le Blond Blonde Ale
Chef: Tae and Chef Andrew

Dusk 'til Dawn
Steak Tartare | Holy Water Foam Hearts Of Palm Puree
Mustard Seed Cracker | Fried Caper Blood Orange Gastrique
Beer: Daphne Hoppy Tropical IPA
Chef: Travis

Jackie Brown
Camera Strong
Food Court | a corn dog and the condiment tray.
Beer: Carmela Belgian Golden Strong
Chef: Steve lona

Pulp Fiction
A5 wagyu | romane puree
tomato gelee | brioche croutons
Special sauce | Smoked cheddar
Beer: Mocha Coffee & Cigarettes
Chef: “Oz”

Hateful 8
Mocha mousse | cocoa cake | textures of raspberry | coffee ice cream
Beer: Lost Wisdom Brett/ Solera Saison
Chef: Jamie

Cellarmaker Brunch Info

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In the meantime, Thursday at 5pm we'll be doing the one-two shuffle with 9 beers from these two kick-ass new (and newish?) breweries, San Clemente's Artifex and Carlsbad's Burgeon Beer Co. Four beers from each plus a collaborative beer they went in on. A hop-heavy lineup of course and some cool glassware deals too. Be here Thursday at 5pm...

Toronado San Diego
4026 30TH ST