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Thread: Support Montana Small Brewers - Please Contact Your State Senator

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    Support Montana Small Brewers - Please Contact Your State Senator

    April 5, 2017

    The Montana Brewers Association is asking you to contact your State Senator TODAY to ask for their support in amending House Bill 541 on the Senate floor.

    Please read the following information provided by the Montana Brewers Association.
    House Bill 541, a bill that would have allowed Montana breweries to grow, has been altered in committee into a bill that raises taxes on brewers and forces at least one brewery, KettleHouse Brewing Co., to shut down its taproom.

    But you can help make this right. Please contact your Senator and ask them to FIX and PASS HB 541.

    HB 541 is the bill that would raise the 10,000 barrel limit to 60,000 barrels, allowing breweries to grow past 10,000 barrels of annual production without losing their taproom. It passed out of the House with huge support on a vote of 85-14. But opponents of Montana's breweries decided to completely gut the bill and turn it on its head before passing it out of committee.

    One of the amendments lowered the production limit back down to 12,000 barrels, undermining the entire purpose of the bill - to give Montana breweries headroom to grow, invest in expanding production, and be able to compete in the regional market. Another amendment increases taxes for breweries producing between 10,000 and 20,000 barrels.

    We expect a floor debate and vote in the Senate on Thursday, so please contact your Senator today.

    We need your help to fix this bill. Please urge your Senator to return HB 541 to its original form.

    Use the form on the legislative website to find your Senator, and send them a message (or call 406-444-4800) asking them to:
    1. FIX HB 541 by removing harmful amendments added in the Senate Business and Labor Committee
    2. PASS HB 541 in its original form as passed by the House.
    We started out with a positive bill that would remove a barrier for growth in Montana's brewing industry, increase demand for Montana-made barley, and create jobs and economic development. Let's get this fixed.

    Matt Leow, Executive Director
    Montana Brewers Association
    Thanks for supporting the small and independent brewers of Montana.


    Bob Pease
    President & CEO
    Brewers Association

    Gary Glass
    American Homebrewers Association
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