The LAST & BEST Boston Beer Summit Is THIS Saturday
(Press release)

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Hello !

We just hit 40 brewers! Just when I think we're done adding brewers, we can't say no to a good time. So we bring them all aboard. See the site for the full list (and tickets!)

We have an ulterior motive though- it's sort of a retirement party. This is the last Boston Beer Summit. We know when to say when, and it's when. We've had a great time, met a lot of great people and definitely tried a lot of excellent beers over the years. So we're throwing ourselves one last great party and we're doing it right. 40 Brewers after 19 years and over 50 shows.

We've got a great show planned and we're looking forward to seeing everyone again. Get your tickets now for the 19th AND FINAL Boston Beer Summit!
Two sessions available

Sat May 13 Day Session 12:30- 4pm
Sat May 13 Eve Session 5:30- 9pm
Tickets include entrance, tasting cup, unlimited samples and entertainment.
Food will be available for purchase from BT's Smokehouse!

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