Hello. I brew beer in the Seattle area of Washington state on the west coast of the USA. I have been a brewer for 13 years. I love to travel Europe, and drink beer. I like the write a blog: www.magnusboner.com on beer, food, travel, etc. as a kid, and young adult I worked in restaurants, and was a baker for 4 years.
I amuse myself by making youtube videos. My YouTube channel is Magnus Böner.

Here are links to 3 that are beer related:
40oz for 40 subscribers. In this video I celebrate reaching 40 subscribers by drinking a 40oz bottle of beer. I ramble at the camera while doing so.

I have since started doing a weekly 12oz ramble. In the first episode I finish some thoughts from the 40oz video, and then talk about the fun of working in a brewery.

In the second episode I talk about drinking beer through a straw, why I like head, and bar top banter.

Please take a look at my videos, and tell me what you think. If you have any questions or comments email me at magnustboner@gmail.com
Thank you;
Magnus Böner