A great set of educational and fun beer travels is launching this September: Rich Higgins Beer Immersions.

Participants will be immersing themselves in the regional beer cultures of Antwerp, Brussels, the Pajottenland, Cologne/Köln, and Düsseldorf. The trips are designed to be fun, educational, rewarding, affordable, and flexible, and are targeted to both the public and to the beer industry. Rich will be lending his expertise as both a professional brewer and a Master Cicerone to make the trips as valuable to brewers and enthusiasts as possible, and he's got some great backstage access lined up.

You’ll taste and experience different regions, pair lots of food and beer, and learn everything from beer flavor to technical brewing to history and terroir. Each Immersion is a deep dive into regional beer styles, including Kölsch, Düsseldorf Altbier, Lambic, Trappist/Abbey Ales, Belgian Strong Ales, and other styles and breweries, including new European craft beers.

Beer Immersions currently scheduled:

* BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (including the Pajottenland/Lambic Country) Sep 15-16, 2017

* ANTWERP, BELGIUM (including Mechelen and nearby countryside) Sept 18-19, 2017

* COLOGNE/KOLN, GERMANY (including Düsseldorf) Sept 21-22, 2017

More Beer Immersions will be scheduled for 2018, too.

More information can be found at http://richhiggins.com/beer-immersions-travel

Rich Higgins
Brewer and Master Cicerone
San Francisco, CA