Calling all brewers with an environmental conscience: The Paris Method

Breweries use Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for many processes around the brewery.
One of the biggest demands of C02 (outside of packaging) is for carbonating bright beer to achieve a desired level ~2.2-3.0 vols.

I often see brewers wasting CO2 by a technique called "feeding and bleeding" - essentially a method of carbonating beers whereby as CO2 enters a stone, the brewers bleed off the head pressure in order to speed up the process of carbbing up their beers. This technique is wasteful and inefficient.

In light of the recent US departure from the Paris Accord, I am offering my FREE consulting services in order to help breweries stop this practice of "feeding and bleeding" which unnecessarily releases CO2 into our environment. If you can imagine that with several thousand breweries out there "feeding and bleeding", by helping breweries change this bad habit, I can do my little part in helping make the world a better place.

Please contact me if you would like to avail of my volunteer services.

Thanks and cheers!

Alex Postelnek
+1 561 945 4584