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Our big, handsome and kindhearted Gary is losing his year long battle with pancreatic cancer and suffering from the effects of chemotherapy.

I know there are many of you who would like to pay a last visit, but he is much too weak and cannot take visitors or calls at this time. Instead of flowers or food, a heartfelt memorial donation would help ease the family of incurred medical costs and financial burden. We will be sure to let him know you are thinking of him. But, please, we request that you remember him and hold him in your hearts as he was, not as he lay dying now.

We are grieving now, as we help him stay as comfortable as possible and prepare for his end of life.

Thank you for your prayers
Beki & Roz

....Any help wold be appreciated

Gary has been a hard working "Farm Manager" and Operations Guy for decades.

Long list of people he has worked with. Steiner to the Gannon Family Farms to Yakima Chief ....... a great human a talented artist and a wonderful father

Jim Boyd
SR Vice President, Hop Sales
Roy Farms
No Farm
No Beer™