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A lot of rare one-offs and some new (and old) favorites on tap.

We've added the two Burgeon kegs (Trade Bait & Hitched on Haze IPA's) that we were bragging about last week to the list today, as well as the outstanding Firestone Barrelworks SLO-ambic and of course, Pliny the Elder, as well as a couple more. Below is the list of beers from this weekends Full Pint 10th Anniversary bash that we are STILL pouring... Yes, as we predicted, there was so much great beer that we have the vast majority of them still going here on Tuesday! Some great stuff that you may never get a chance to try again. Check it out:


BAGBY BEER – Sweet Ride – 4.5% abv. – Bohemian Pilsner

MOSTRA COFFEE – Project X – (Non Alcoholic) – Saigon Cinnamon, Brazil Cacoa Nibs, Tahitian Vanilla Bean Cold Brew Coffee

SMOG CITY – Little Bo Pils – 4.4% abv. – German Pilsener

YORKSHIRE SQUARE – Early Doors 3.5% – Pub Bitter on cask


3 FLOYDS – Zombie Dust – 6.2% abv. A highly rated Citra hopped pale ale.

ABNORMAL- Breaking News – 7% abv. Custom West Coast IPA for this party

BEACHWOOD – The Scul Pint – 7.1% abv. – Commemorative New Zealand Style IPA

BONEYARD– Enzymatic IPA – 7.0% IPA – West Coast IPA Featuring 7 different hops

CHAPMAN CRAFTED – My Happy Place IPA – 7.1% abv. – A West Coast IPA with Fresh Pineapple & Guava, using Equinox and Citra dry hop.

EL SEGUNDO – Clear AF – 7.1% abv. Collaboration West Coast IPA with Nelson, Citra, Mosaic and El Dorado Hops

FACTION – The Full Pint 10th Anniversary IPA – 7.4% abv – West Coast Style IPA with six different hops

FATHEADS Cleveland, OH – Benjamin Danklin A West Coast Style IPA with classic hops.

FATHEADS Cleveland, OH- Headhunter IPA – 7.5% abv. An award winning West Coast Style IPA with classic hops.

NEW REALM/ REFUGE BREWING– Sweet Baby Jesus Triple IPA – 10.4% abv. – Commemorative brew made with Mitch Steele and his friends at Refuge Brewery.

PIPEWORKS – Fairy Basslet 9.5% abv. Imperial IPA w/ Pineapple, Honey & Citra Hops

PIZZA PORT CARLSBAD. – Executive Member – 8.5 % IPA – Collab double IPA with Pizza Port Carlsbad ft. New Zealand Hops and lupulin dust

SILVA BREWING – Danny’s Golden IPA –6.5% abv. Special edition of 525 Pine with extra dry hopping

SIMMZY'S– Makin’ Noise – 6.4% abv. Collab brew strong pale with Citra, El Dorado, Idaho 7 and Ekuanot hops.


ARTS DISTRICT- The Full Mug Coffee Nitro Porter – 6% – Collaboration Coffee Porter

CELLARMAKER – Manhattan Barrel Aged Vastness of Space – 11% abv. Imperial Stout aged in High West barrel aged Manhattan barrels for 14 months

CIGAR CITY – Absolutely Okay – 12.9% abv. (Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Ale made with de Struise)

HALF ACRE Chicago, IL –. Benthic 12.3% abv Bourbon Barrel Aged Coconut Coffee Stout

Cincinnati, OH – 10% abv. Maple Barrel Aged Chickow (Imperial Brown Ale aged in a Bourbon Barrel used to aged Maple Syrup, then beer)

MAUI BREWING- Skull Island – 10% abv. – Whiskey barrel aged stout brewed with Hefeweizen wheat

STONE LIBERTY STATION – The Full Pint DeLite 10% abv. – Collab Imperial Stout that tastes like a GSC Caramel DeLite

TAPS FISH HOUSE & BREWERY – Barrel Aged Hi-Croixson Vanilla Bean and Coffee– 10.5% abv. – (Eagle Rare & Buffalo Trace Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Madagascar Vanilla Beans and Bodhi Leaf Coffee)


FIELDWORK – Double Dry Hopped Paulie vs. Steve – 7% abv. – Double Dry Hopped Edition of beer brewed for Toronado SF 30th Anniversary just for this party.

GREAT NOTION – Mandela with Nelson – 7.2% abv. – NEIPA brewed with Citra, Mosaic and dry-hopped 100% with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand.

LA CUMBRE – El Jugo – 6.5% abv. New age Pale Ale with some haze

MODERN TIMES – Mango Hedge Witch – 9.1% abv. Commemorative DIPA with a mega-dose of Citra & Amarillo hops, and heaps of mango.

MONKISH BREWING – Foggier Window DIPA- 8.1% abv. – Double Dry-hopped IPA with Citra, Galaxy and Nelson hops.

MUMFORD BREWING – I Do Adequate – 7.2% abv. – Commemorative NEIPA with Amarillo and Denali hops

NOBLE ALE WORKS – Countout – 7.9% abv. Juicy Super Heavyweight NEIPA with Amarillo & Citra.

OFFSHOOT BEER CO. – Hops & Rec – 8.1% abv. (Double NEIPA w/ Simcoe, Mosaic & Cashmere)

PURE PROJECT– Murklands w Nelson – 5.5 % abv. East Coast Rye Pale with Nelson Hops

STATE BREWING CO. – Job Guy DIPA 8.1% abv. –Collar NE IPA using Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic and a touch of lactose.

TIRED HANDS BREWING – Eventually Something – Collab Hazy IPA brewed at Tired Hands Brew Cafι


FIRESTONE WALKER/ BARRELWORKS – De La Casa Full Pint Blend 2017 – 6% abv. Commemorative 2 yr. old Flanders Red Aged in a French Oak Port Wine barrels with Sichuan Pepper

HIGHLAND PARK BREWERY – Help Yourself – 6% abv. – Barrel Fermented Saison with Guava and Passionfruit

RUSSIAN RIVER-Temptation – 7.5% abv. Barrel Aged Blond Ale Aged in Chardonnay barrels

THE RARE BARREL – Cherubs Blend – 5.9% – Collab A blended golden sour aged in oak barrels with guava, ginger, and grapefruit zest


HORUS AGED ALES– Paying Homage to Barleywine In a Courtyard on Alvarado Street – 11.4% – Collaboration with Alvarado Street Brewery, Courtyard Brewery and Homage Brewing to create a special blended barleywine just for this event.

SMOG CITY- Bourbon OE 2016 – 14.1% abv. – Bourbon barrel aged English-style barleywine
SMOG CITY- Bourbon OE 2017 – 14.1% abv. – Bourbon barrel aged English-style barleywine
THE BRUERY – You Know What Time it Is – 15.1% abv. – Commemorative barrel aged barleywine style ale bourbon barrels with peanut flower, salt and boysenberry for that boozy P B and J experience.

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