So much good stuff...
It's hard to know where to begin. Let's start with today, WEDNESDAY: We tapped kegs of the Noble Ale Works Foghorn and Pizza Port Brewing's Lighthouse IPA's today. This collaborative brew utilized essentially the same recipe brewed to two different styles, with Noble taking the "North East" route and Nacho and the crew keeping it West Coast. It's/ they're an 8.7% IPA so we're doing 8oz half-pints of each so you can try them side-by-side. New kegs tapped today include the excellent Hammerland IPA from El Segundo, a new keg of Lagunitas' deliciously weedy Super Critical IPA brewed for the Toronado San Francisco's 30th anniversary, and the hoppy Pivo Pils from Firestone Walker, and an SD summer tradition, the always-good SPA (Summer Pale Ale) from Port Brewing. Lots of hoppy goodness on hand to help you beat the heat for the next few days.

FRIDAY we've reprising the reprise of The Slouch. The Slouch is our (Nate's) version of the fiery, iconic Fuego Melt sandwich that he used to make at the old Liars' Club in Mission Beach. A curious custom at the Liars Club was the established staffs habit of sitting down after the customers had left the building (but before the closing sidework and cleaning) to have a drink(s) and relax. They called it slouching. Anyhoo... We met Nate when we both worked there years ago, and since more than a half-dozen of the old LC staff have cashed Toronado San Diego paychecks over the years we feel somewhat entitled to take a stab at it. With heat in almost every component of the sandwich, it's not for the squeamish, but If you loved it back then, or if it's your first time you should come and check it out. We sold out last Friday, so we'll up the order this week, but get here early to make sure you get one. We'll start serving them at opening time (11:30am) until we run out. We're also happy to be participating in Mason Awareness Week starting Friday and we'll have a bunch of Mason Ale Works beers on tap, including the Modern Times collaboration, Treehorn. Treehorn is a White Russian-inspired cream ale with vanilla and MT coffee, served on nitro. Come and release your inner Lebowski. That all goes down Friday.

SPEAKING of Modern Times, tickets are available for our Modern Times Brunch on Sunday, September 17th. The MT crew are kindly kicking us down some rare stuff for this one, click the link for more information.

Modern Brunch

AND ALSO: speaking of the Toronado SF 30th anniversary, we just picked up this year's batch of Cable Car from our friends at the Lost Abbey. Brewed initially for the Toronado SF 20th anniversary, it's become one of the most sought-after beers in America. And rightfully so, in our opinion... We have decided to debut the draft version of the 2017 vintage (San Diego debut, that is) alongside kegs of the previous two vintages. That's right: 2015, 2016 & 2017 Cable Car draft will be pouring on Sunday September 10th starting at 11:30 am. Save the date for this one. We'll send out an email with more detail in the coming days but we thought you'd like to know as soon as possible.

That's it for now; we'll send out an email with your Labor Day Weekend tap list on Friday, and we'll see you here today for a beer. Cheers...

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